A step ahead of tomorrow

The Digital team is a little bit obsessed with building brands around how people get their news today as well as anticipating how they will get it tomorrow.

The several hundred people who make up this team spend their time designing digital brands, investigating emerging news brands and new behaviors, and supporting the digital products of our television and radio stations. They know they must understand how today’s consumers are seeking out and engaging with news and entertainment content.

We can all see that this behavior is changing -- from paging through a newspaper and flipping on the 6 o’clock news to swiping a news notification or listening to a podcast.

In order to help Scripps change along with – and maybe a little ahead of – its audiences, those in the Scripps Digital group are tasked with a number of jobs: operating as an incubator of new product ideas, being a resource that supports and provides direction to our stations’ local markets, and acting as an investor who is constantly searching for new opportunities.

This group owns strategy and also execution of digital content, sales and revenue results as well as product development and marketing.

It’s a big job, and the company is counting on their success.

Partnerships & Acqusition

Build it or buy it. That could be the motto of the Digital Solutions Group -- if they slowed down long enough to choose a motto. This group inside Scripps Digital is building digital businesses to fix problems that haven’t been solved and buying businesses where someone else found the opportunity first. They are driving hard to either buy or build what Michael Lewis famously called “the new new thing”, fueled by entrepreneurial spirit, a company culture of experimentation and energy drinks.

Midroll MediaMidroll Media

Scripps acquired Midroll Media. Midroll is the leading podcast advertising network, connecting companies and brands to sponsor some of the most beloved and respected names in podcasting. In addition to helping advertisers reach their target consumer Midroll also produces original content through the Earwolf network and Howlpodcast subscription platform. Sample popular shows such as Comedy Bang Bang, The Longest Shortest Time and The David Gregory Show.

Click here to see details on the deal.


Newsy is a millennial-focused digital video news service that provides “news with the why,” built to inform and engage by delivering today’s top stories across platforms. Its content is available in on-demand and linear formats on over-¬the¬-top (OTT) services including Sling TV, Apple TV, Watchable from Comcast, Pluto TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast; connected television including Xumo; on mobile for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire; and at

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Newsy received a 2015 National Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Documentary, Small Market.


Scripps’ StormShield app turns your iPhone or Android into an emergency weather radio. Get storm-based alerts for winter storm season, tornado, hurricane, flood, thunderstorm and other life-threatening weather events via voice and push notifications.


DecodeDC is a political reporting podcast and blog that aims to be a reliable, honest and highly entertaining source of insight and explanation. We want to provide enlightening and enjoyable coverage of Washington’s people, culture, policies and politics.


WeatherSphere combines science with simplicity. We focus on immediate information by providing a collection of applications that are straightforward, reliable and built with the user in mind. We take massive amounts of data and turn it into information that can protect you from the storm, direct you to the best fishing hole or steer you toward that big wave.


Podium arms the public with the power to stay informed and to influence their representatives in Washington. Podium combines the company’s mission to educate and inform with the convenience of mobile technology. Going beyond just informing people, the app leverages the power of social media to get them directly involved in the political process.

Owning Local Markets

At in Cincinnati, a growing number of “Insiders” pay a monthly subscription fee to gain access to premium content -- long-form storytelling, investigative reporting, and explanatory journalism. This in-depth storytelling is created through text and imagery that look beautiful on any device. As an example, please see this story about the unsolved execution-style death of a local police officer.

In addition, WCPO Insiders receive a concierge-like membership that helps them live a more locally-connected life. We combine great local content with deals from loved local businesses that convey a sense of Cincinnati to those who love the city. not only tells Insiders what they need to know about the communities but makes them feel more a part of those communities.

Owning Local Markets


Scripps Digital drives the coordinated local and national digital sales efforts across the country in all of our television markets. Contact us to see how we can work together to get your message on the right platforms and in front of the right people.

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