WRTV, Ch. 6, Indianapolis, IN

The station signed on the air on May 30, 1949 under the call sign WFBM-TV with a documentary entitled Crucible of Speed covering the history of the Indianapolis 500. That first programming was followed by the inaugural live television broadcast of the race. It is Indiana's oldest television station. The station was an affiliate of CBS and NBC before becoming an ABC affiliate in 1979.

WRTV (also known as RTV 6) has been a leader in adding innovation to Indiana broadcasting. Some of WRTV's innovations over the years, have included the first station in the state to broadcast in color, the first use of videotape, the first to use news mini-cams, the first cable news television on NewsChannel 64 (then 6 News 24/7, and now HTSN), the first entry into web publishing (www.theINDYchannel.com), and the first into cellphone delivery of news (6News OnTheGo) and VODcasting.

RTV 6 is a leader in Community Service recognizing volunteers across Indiana with the Jefferson Award. The station is also recognized for its annual RTV 6 Toy Drive.

 Larry Blackerby, vice president and general manager

 market #26, "The Indy Channel"

Founded: 1949; purchased by Scripps: 2011

Contact Information

1330 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN  46202
phone: 317-635-9788
fax: 317-269-1400