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Grant Guidelines
Newsworthy For 50 years the Scripps Howard Foundation has touched thousands of lives in meaningful ways. It supports excellence in journalism, builds healthy communities and improves quality of life through support of educational programs, social services, arts, and civic affairs. Celebrate with us and view our 50th anniversary video.

Applying for a Grant

Journalism Fund Guidelines


The Journalism Fund makes grants in support of journalism/communications education, First Amendment causes, mid-career development, research, readership development, consumer education on media issues, an international free press, professional organizations, workforce development, quality journalism/communications teaching, diversity, ethics, and other media-related programs.


All requests must be submitted in writing.


Send Journalism Fund requests to:

Mike Philipps

President and CEO

Scripps Howard Foundation

P.O. Box 5380

Cincinnati, Ohio 45201-5380

Greater Cincinnati Fund and Community Fund (including Literacy Grants) Guidelines

Priority is given to projects and programs that make our communities better places to live, learn and work; that are measurable with stated goals and objectives; that clearly demonstrate effectiveness and innovation; that are models for others; that can eventually be self-supporting or show other evidence of long-term viability. All grant recipients must provide proof of 501[c] [3] status.


Specific projects and programs are preferred over general operating funds and capital campaigns. 


Multi-year contributions and the purchase of tables at fund-raising events are discouraged.


The demand for support for special fundraising events far exceeds our ability to participate. We do not support walks, runs, golf outings or neighborhood-specific events. The exception is team sponsorship when employees are personally participating. We do not support disease-related events or those strictly related to research. We will not purchase tables for public or private K-12 schools, school districts or their foundations.


Organizations that receive United Way or Fine Arts or other general campaign funds, already supported by the Foundation, do not receive priority for funding.


The Foundation does not make contributions to individuals, to religious organizations (unless they are engaged in a significant program benefiting the entire community), to political causes or candidates, to anti-business organizations, for courtesy advertising, to organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, gender or national origin, to private foundations or to veterans, fraternal or labor groups.


WRITTEN REQUESTS ARE REQUIRED. Queries in advance of full proposal are advised. A full proposal includes a brief description of the organization, a brief description of the program for which support is requested, including rationale, a detailed project budget, schedule of implementation, methods of evaluating and reporting results, and qualifications of program manager. Describe other sources of funding. Include a recent financial statement and a list of the names and affiliations of the board of directors or other governing body.


Requests are accepted year-round. Notification is normally sent within 90 days.


Send Greater Cincinnati Fund requests to:

Patty Cottingham

Vice President/Administration

Scripps Howard Foundation

P.O. Box 5380

Cincinnati, Ohio 45201-5380


Send Community Fund (including Literacy Grant) requests to:

The Scripps executive in your community.

Visit for community-specific information.

Brian Lawlor, Foundation trustee and Senior Vice President/Television of The E.W. Scripps Company with Laurie Roberts from The Arizona Republic, winner of the Commentary Award in the Foundation's National Journalism Awards program. Photo by Bruce Crippen, Crippen Photography