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Roy W. Howard Winners 1984-2012

The Roy W. Howard competition has been recognizing award-winning college newspaper reporting for 24 years. In its first 13 years, winners received a $1,000 scholarship and an all-expense paid trip to Indiana University for a seminar. 

In 1990, the format changed slightly to honor teamwork among a newspaper’s writer, photojournalist and designer. That ended in 1997, when individual reporting winners were once again recognized. Each winning student earned $3,000; runners-up received $2,000, and students given honorable mentions earned $1,000. Also in 1997, the competition’s format changed to include an evening lecture at Indiana University, in addition to the seminar.

In 2003, the competition began to award students’ newspapers grant money. The students still received scholarships of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 respectively, but now the winning students’ newspapers received $1,000, the runners’-up newspapers received $750, and the newspapers of students who received honorable mentions received $500. 

In 2006, the contest changed once more to no longer award students with scholarships, but with a 10-day guided study tour to Japan and South Korea. In 2010, the winners will not be traveling to South Korea so that they can spend more time in Japan and visit Hiroshima on the 65th anniversary of the first atomic bombing.


Evelyn Cheng is a sophomore journalism and urban design and architecture studies major at New York University. She is a freelance reporter with WORLD New York; opinion editor of Generasian, an Asian American Publication at NYU; and has had an internship at TimesLedger Newspapers in Queens, N.Y. Cheng is from Long Island, N.Y. 

Michael Finch II is a political science and global media communications senior at Florida International University in Miami. He has had an internship at the Palm Beach Post and in 2011 participated in the New York Times Student Journalism Institute in New Orleans. Finch has been a freelance reporter for the Miami Herald and will be an intern at the Tampa (Fla.) Bay Times this summer. He is from Miami.

Alisha Forbes is a sophomore journalism major and economics, history and political science minor at Doane College in Crete, Neb. She is a reporter for the campus newspaper, The Owl, and the production director for the campus radio station, KDNE. She previously was managing editor of the campus newspaper and a producer at DCTV, the campus television newscast. Forbes is from Palmer, Neb.

Torrie Hardcastle is a senior magazine journalism and radio-television-film major at The University of Texas at Austin, where she is editor-in-chief of Orange magazine, founder and supervising editor of Orange Weekly and an editorial intern at Austin Monthly magazine. She has had internships with ESPN Radio, KUT News in Austin, Hollywood West Production, and will be an intern with Women's Health and Rodale's international department in New York this summer. Hardcastle is from Decatur, Ala.

Jack Highberger is a senior at Arizona State University, where he is a journalism major and reporter for the school’s Cronkite News Service. He has had internships with NBC News in London and Charlotte, N.C., and with The Arizona Republic in Phoenix. Highberger is from Rye, Colo.

Mark Keierleber is a junior at Indiana University in Bloomington, where he majors in journalism and is a reporter for the Indiana Daily Student. Before transferring to IU, Keierleber was editor-in-chief of the Northwest Trail at Northwest College in Powell, Wyo. He has interned at the News Letter Journal in Newcastle, Wyo., his hometown.

Sharon Lurye is a second-year student at The University of Chicago, where she is majoring in public policy studies and minoring in Russian literature. She writes for the Chicago Weekly and is a Chicago Careers in Journalism Fellow. This summer Lurye will be an intern at the Chicago Reader. She is from Cranbury, N.J.

Suzanna McCloskey is a senior journalism and electronic media major at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She is managing editor of UT’s news website, the Tennessee Journalist, and is an intern at McGhee Tyson Airport. She previously interned at the Knoxville News Sentinel. McCloskey is from Memphis, Tenn.

Sarah Phinney is a junior telecommunications and journalism major at Ball State University, Muncie, Ind., where she reports for Indiana Public Radio and is the managing editor of NewsLink Indiana, the university’s television station. Phinney has interned at WEWS-TV in Cleveland and WTOL-TV in Toledo, Ohio, and in 2011 received a Poynter Fellowship for College Journalists. She will be interning this summer with the investigative unit at CBS News.  

Shelly Bradbury, Huntington University
Brittany Brownrigg, Franklin College
Dan Neligh, Arizona State University
Caroline Pahl, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jarondakie Patrick, Howard University
Alex Pena, Florida Gulf Coast University
Kelley Robinson, Colorado State University
Kelly Stroda, University of Kansas
Marjorie Yan, University of California Los Angeles

Renee Bruck, Franklin College
Caleb Fleming, Virginia Tech
Elvia Malagon, Indiana University
Todd Petty, The College of New Jersey
Natalie Podgorski, Arizona State University
Katy Ralston, Texas A&M University at College Station
Jennifer Siino, California State University, Chico
Elizabeth Sile, Ithaca College
Rebecca Smith, Elon University

Joe Astrouski, Eastern Illinois University
Candace Begody, University of Arizona
Jaclyn Cosgrove, Oklahoma State University
Richard Gootee, Franklin College
Shanika Gunaratna, Northwestern University
Jill Laster, University of Kentucky
Tricia L. Nadolny, Ithaca College
Brian Spegele, Indiana University
Chelsea Toy, Ohio University


James Baetka, Colorado State University
Natalia Ciolko, The University of Texas at Austin
Deanna Dent, Arizona State University
McKenna Ewen, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Hudson Lockett, The University of Texas at Austin
Matthew Negrin, Boston University
Nicole Norfleet, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Amanda Peterka, Michigan State University
Julia Wong, University of Southern California

Whitney Boyd, Hampton University
Kenneth Cummings, Tennessee State
Drew Harwell, University of Florida
Justin Hite, Elon University
Ciara O'Rourke, Western Washington University
Garesia La'Shay Randle, Louisiana State University
Sean Rose, University of Kentucky
Darla Slipke, University of Kansas
Peter Stevenson, Indiana University

Julie Chazyn, Florida International University
Stephanie Chen, Northwestern University
Audrie Garrison, Indiana University
Don Jordan, Michigan State University
Alex Kraus, Washington and Lee University
Zvika Krieger, Yale University
Jill Melchior, Laramie County Community College
Mary Specht, American University
Christine Won, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Claire Cummings, Michigan State University
Tony Sams, Indiana University
Francisco Vara-Orta, St. Mary’s University
Scott Cendrowski, Michigan State University
Gabrielle De Rosa, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Caitlin Meals, Point Park University
Honorable Mention
Tavia Green, Western Kentucky University
Janelle Stecklein, Texas Christian University
Sarah Waldrop, The University of Oklahoma

P. Kim Bui, Iowa State University
Maura Halpern, Indiana University
Isaac Wolf, University of Chicago
Kendal Kelly, University of Oklahoma
Jared Paben, University of Oregon
Caren Penland, University of Texas at Arlington
Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Bassett, Texas Christian University
Chris Kornelis, University of Idaho
Troy Simpson, Santa Clara University

Michelle Burhenn, The University of Kansas
Randy Trick, University of Washington
Andrea Uhde, University of Kentucky
Ashlea Deahl, Arizona State University
Joy Hepp, Arizona State University
Adam Pracht, The University of Kansas
Honorable Mention
Alison Barker, Michigan State University
Elissa Englund, Michigan State University
Kelli Grant, Ithaca College

Michelle Beaver, Arizona State University
Eve Lamborn, The University of Kansas
Cory Shouten, Indiana University
Sara Thorson, Arizona State University
Brian Moore, Western Kentucky University
Marie Ory, Nicholls State University
Sarah Trotto, Indiana University
Brandy Warren, Western Kentucky University
Honorable Mention
Ryan Clark, Western Kentucky University
Gail Koch, Ball State University
Caroline Lynch, Western Kentucky University
Josef Watson, Arizona State University

Emily Bittner, Northwestern University
Jason Krall, The University of Kansas
Iliana Limon, University of New Mexico
Kursten Phelps, The University of Kansas
Leita Schultes, The University of Kansas
Nicole Sweeney, University of Missouri-Columbia
Amy Weimer, University of Northern Colorado
Chao Xiong, University of Iowa
Honorable Mention
Cate Doty, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Mischa Gaus, Northwestern University
Tim Higgins, University of Missouri-Columbia
Brian Moore, Western Kentucky University

Michael Chapman, University of Iowa
Jonathan Kirshner, Western Kentucky University
Aline Mendelsohn, Indiana University
Terry Rombeck, Wichita State University
Gina Czark, Indiana University
Ryan Foley, University of Iowa
Christina Jewett, Indiana University
Lori O’Toole, The University of Kansas
Honorable Mention
Emily Hughey, The University of Kansas
Mattias Karen, Western Kentucky University
Clay McCuistion, The University of Kansas
Nathan Willis, The University of Kansas

Jerry Brewer, Western Kentucky University
Milton Carrero, University of Illinois
Trevor Maxwell, The University of Iowa
John Stamper, Western Kentucky University
Ryan Clark, Western Kentucky University
Seth Jones, The University of Kansas
Dan Nieto, California State University, Chico
Sarah Rupel, Indiana University
Honorable Mention
Ryan Davis, Northwestern University
Melissa Jones, California State University, Sacramento
Paige Parker, The University of Montana
Elizabeth Wristen, The University of Kansas

Ryan Cormier, University of Delaware
Cara LaBrie, Santa Clara University
Aline Mendelsohn, Indiana University
Harley Ratliff, The University of Kansas
Chris Hutchins, Western Kentucky University
Phillip Reese, North Carolina State University
Honorable Mention
Brad Jenkins, James Madison University
Tom Lasseter, University of Georgia
Mikki Lynn Olmsted, Western Kentucky University
Eric Weslander, The University of Kansas

Jennifer Conklin, University of Washington
Spencer Duncan, The University of Kansas
Susan Gatton, The University of Kansas
Nicole Koch, University of Oklahoma
Megan Jordan, The University of Kansas
Elizabeth Musser, The University of Kansas
Kristen Ostendorf, University of Missouri
Emily Walker, University of Washington
Honorable Mention
Jennifer Ackerman, Central Michigan University
Kayce Ataliyero, University of Maryland
Emily Baker, Western Kentucky University
Andrew Simons, University of Colorado

Todd Feeback, Kansas State University
Melissa Hatfield, Kansas State University
Rebecca Huntington, University of Montana
Christine Jacobs, University of Montana
Brian James, The University of Kansas
Paul Kotz, The University of Kansas
Novelda Sommers, The University of Kansas
Justin Stahlman, Kansas State University
Tara Tuchscherer, University of Montana

Missy Bello, University of North Carolina
John Caserta, University of North Carolina
Joe Harder, The University of Kansas
Tom Leininger, The University of Kansas
Terrilyn McCormick, The University of Kansas
Beth McNichol, University of North Carolina
Lisa Norris, Oklahoma Christian University
Dan Schauer, The University of Kansas
Shon Smith, Oklahoma Christian University
David Stewart, The University of Kansas
Tim Watson, Oklahoma Christian University
Justin Williams, University of North Carolina

Geoffrey Bilau, California State University, Fullerton
Traci Carl, The University of Kansas
Doug Hesse, The University of Kansas
Justin Knupp, The University of Kansas
Johnny Ludden, The University of Texas at Austin
Justin Noble, The University of Texas at Austin
Michael Rocha, California State University, Fullerton
Mark Rudyk, California State University, Fullerton
Dane Schiller, The University of Texas at Austin
Ted S. Warren, The University of Texas at Austin

Justin Knupp, The University of Kansas
Will Lewis, The University of Kansas
John McConnico, The University of Texas at Austin
Dane Schiller, The University of Texas at Austin
Patrick D. Sison, The University of Texas at Austin
Rachel G. Thompson, The University of Kansas
Ted S. Warren, The University of Texas at Austin
Kristine Wolff, The University of Texas at Austin

Paul Baldwin, Western Kentucky University
Jean-Marc Bouju, The University of Texas at Austin
Robin Buckson, Western Kentucky University
David Fitzgerald, The University of Texas at Austin
Austin Holiday, The University of Texas at Austin
David Stephenson, Western Kentucky University
Jeorgetta Douglas, Arizona State University
David Loy, The University of Texas at Austin
Shannon Prosser, The University of Texas at Austin
Michelle Roberts, Arizona State University
Ted Warren, The University of Texas at Austin

Dana Albrecht, Western Kentucky University
Danette Baker, West Texas State University
Paige Baldwin, University of Missouri
Randy Kennedy, The University of Texas at Austin
Leigh Landini, Murray State University
Marietta Nelson-Bittle, Iowa State University
Jeff Ostrowski, University of Illinois
Michelle Patterson, The University of Texas at Austin
Julie Rausch, Wichita State University
Chuck Wing, Western Kentucky University

Tanya Bricking, Western Kentucky University
Mark Hennon, California State University, Long Beach
Eric Johnson, University of Montana
Don Leach, California State University, Long Beach
Marc Martin, California State University, Long Beach
Kelly McGillan, Cabrini College
Kathy O’Brien, Louisiana State University
Erika Rosenberg, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Heather Stone, Western Kentucky University
Ronelle Williams, Emerson College

Beth Brennan, University of Montana
Charles Finnie, University of Missouri
Bettina Heinz, Fort Hays State University
Judith Immel, Bowling Green State University
Jeff Opdyke, Louisiana State University
Anne Raup, University of Missouri
Jeff Rutherford, University of Illinois
Marah Shuman, University of Illinois
Pauline Uhrain, Virginia Commonwealth University
Bobbie Wilkerlin, Bemidji State University

Robert Anderson, University of Missouri-Columbia
Jennifer Greer, University of Missouri-Columbia
Claire Hueholt, Iowa State University
Blake Kaplan, Louisiana State University
Janelle Lawrence, Ohio University
Larry Lee, University of Missouri-Columbia
Steve Liewer, University of Missouri-Columbia
Judy Lundstrom, Kansas State University
Jeff Opdyke, Louisiana State University
Delia Taylor, Louisiana State University

Diane Docis, Bowling Green State University
Kate Foster, Bowling Green State University
Larry Hogue, The University of Texas at Arlington
David Kiffer, Northeastern University
Judy Lundstrom, Kansas State University
Lane Mitchell, University of North Carolina
John Nagy, University of Florida
David Rickard, San Jose State University
Patience Vanderbush, University of North Carolina
H. Clay Ward, Louisiana State University

Faith Conroy, University of Montana
Ronnie Greene, Virginia Commonwealth University
Ad Hudler, University of Nebraska
Bart Jansen, University of Iowa
T. Bradley Keith, Louisiana State University
E. Douglas McKnight, Louisiana State University
David Olson, University of Illinois
Sharon Schmeling, Marquette University
David Tenenbaum, University of Wisconsin
Leslie Zganjar, Louisiana State University

Beth Castrodale, The Ohio State University
Diane Dietz, Western Washington University
Sam Enriquez, California State University
Joe Isham, Angelo State University
Nathan Kennett, Indiana University
Michelle Perron, Louisiana State University
Ken Reid, University of Missouri
Lucinda Tiajoloff, University of Wisconsin
Rick Wartzman, Northwestern University
Patty Wise, The Ohio State University

Kate Duffy, The University of Kansas
Laurie Howell, Oklahoma State University
Rob Karwath, The University of Kansas
Alan Kelley, University of Florida
Bradley Kuhn, University of Nebraska
Philip Kuntz, University of Florida
Timothy Race, American University
Stephen Sanders, Indiana University
Alan Stolfus, Kansas State University
Roger White, The University of Texas at Arlington

Howard winners Todd Petty and Caleb Fleming pose with a group of Japanese students near the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.