Scripps August revenues rose 8.5 percent

Tue, August 26, 1997 by Rich Boehne

CINCINNATI, Ohio – The E.W. Scripps Company said today that its consolidated revenues rose 8.5 percent in August to $89.2 million, compared to $82.2 million in August 1995.Newspaper advertising revenues for the month were $40.8 million, up 8.2 percent, and total newspaper revenues moved up 6.7 percent to $55.7 million.Revenues from the television station group increased 3.8 percent to $23.9 million. Political advertising in August totaled $1.0 million compared to $0.1 million in the year-ago month. Year-to-date political advertising was $5 million through August 1996 compared to $0.6 million through August 1995.In the entertainment division, revenues rose 37.6 percent to $9.6 million.The E.W. Scripps Company operates nine television stations and daily newspapers in 16 markets.Through its entertainment division, Scripps operates United Media, a worldwide syndicator and licensor of news features and comics; Scripps Howard Productions, a producer of television programming; Cinetel Productions, a leading producer of programs for the cable networks; and Home & Garden Television, a 24-hour cable networkUnaudited Revenue and Statistical SummaryTHE E.W. SCRIPPS COMPANYUnaudited Revenue and Statistical SummaryPeriod: AugustReport date: September 18, 1996For more information:Rich BoehneThe E.W. Scripps Company513-977-3825For comparative purposes, this report excludes all information for divested operations.August Year-to-date1996 (2)1995%1996 (2)1995%Revenue(000,000s)Local$16.2$15.17.5 %$129.7$125.33.6 % Classified17.415.611.6 %129.4120.37.5 % National1.51.226.5 %11.810.610.9 % Preprints5.65.8(2.8)%41.7 42.8(2.5)% Newspaper advertising40.837.78.2 %312.6299.04.6 % Circulation10.510.22.3 %86.5 83.24.0 % Other * %34.2 34.20.2 % NEWSPAPERS55.752.26.7 %433.4416.54.0 % BROADCAST TELEVISION **23.923.03.8 %202.9188.07.9 % ENTERTAINMENT9.67.037.6 %68.362.59.3 % TOTAL$89.2$82.28.5 %$704.6$667.05.6 % Newspaper ad inches(000s) Local56850711.9 %4,4564,4510.1 %Classified (1)62354614.1 %4,5004,3303.9 % National332530.4 %2392208.8 % Full run ROP1,2231,07813.5 %9,1959,0012.2 % *August 1996 had one more Friday and Saturday and one less Tuesday and Wednesday than August 1995.Includes share of profits of JOA newspapers not managed by the Company and commercial printing.**Political advertising in August was $1.0 million in 1996 and $0.1 million in 1995; Year-to-date political was $5.0 million in 1996 and $0.6 million in 1995. (1)1995 is restated to reflect changes in the format of classified advertising pages at several newspapers.(2)Includes revenues and ad inches for the Vero Beach Press Journal, acquired on May 9, 1996.