NewsChannel 5 Expands Investigative Team with On Your Side Troubleshooter

Mon, April 30, 2007 by John Butte

Listen…Investigate…Solve.  Those three words describe the mission of On Your Side Troubleshooter Joe Pagonakis.  Pagonakis, NewsChannel 5’s veteran Crime Beat reporter, is joining the station’s highly-acclaimed investigative unit, the NewsChannel 5 Investigators (Chief Investigative reporter Duane Pohlman, Investigative reporter Ron Regan, and Consumer Specialist Angie Lau).  As its On Your Side Troubleshooter, Pagonakis’ addition makes the unit the largest investigative team on television in Cleveland. “The Troubleshooter concept debuted years ago on NewsChannel 5, but staff changes and other priorities delayed its return until now,” explains NewsChannel 5’s Vice-President and General Manager John Butte.  “Bringing back the On Your Side Troubleshooter cements our commitment to our On Your Side brand.  Viewers now have a voice in Joe Pagonakis,” Butte continues.  “He’s specifically assigned to solving people’s problems and truly being on their side.”Viewers can reach Pagonakis through the On Your Side Troubleshooter Hotline (216-431-HELP) or by visiting and completing a form.  Pagonakis will comb through the information every day, pursuing issues important to the community. “The NewsChannel 5 Investigators were already the biggest and best team in the market,” states News Director Steve Hyvonen.  “Now, the addition of Troubleshooter Joe Pagonakis gives us a new dimension the other stations simply can’t touch.  We now have four powerful journalists in Duane Pohlman, Ron Regan, Angie Lau and Joe Pagonakis,” continues Hyvonen.  “We are “On Your Side” now more than ever before, fighting hard for our viewers each and every day.”