NewsChannel 5 and ClevelandPlus - On Your Side!

Thu, August 30, 2007 by John Butte

WEWS NewsChannel 5 showed its support of ClevelandPlus in a big way Tuesday morning.  The station unveiled a large ClevelandPlus banner on its building, displaying the campaign’s key message.  The banner is part of a city-wide showcase of support for ClevelandPlus which kicked off Monday with banner unveilings on several key downtown buildings.  NewsChannel 5, the only television partner in the ClevelandPlus campaign, broadcasted its banner unraveling live during a segment of Good Morning Cleveland. “We’re excited about this because we’ve been here at the corner of 30th Street and Euclid Avenue for 50 years,” explained John Butte, NewsChannel 5’s Vice President & General Manager.  “So putting a banner on the side of our building to be a part of the ClevelandPlus campaign is a natural for us, especially because it ties the region together.”     A crowd gathered to witness the live event, which included Dennis Roche, President of Convention & Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland.  “This banner is very impressive,” commented Roche.  “Given its size, it makes a dramatic statement about northeast Ohio and our great town.”   ClevelandPlus is a new way of looking at Northeast Ohio: the region made of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown. It's everything wonderful about Cleveland, and so much more, with the plastics and polymer strengths of Akron, the emerging fuel cell industry in Canton and growth throughout the entire 16 county region. As Ohio's largest economy, ClevelandPlus is driving the state, and the nation in bio, polymers, advanced manufacturing, alternative energies and other industries. To learn more about ClevelandPlus, visit NewsChannel 5’s website,