Recruiting Process

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It's no secret that Scripps' success as a powerful media organization is due to its people. And Scripps knows that investing in talented employees will help us to stay successful. You can expect the following when you apply to a job at Scripps as well as learn about the core competencies we seek in future team members.

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    • Once logged-in you will be able to do the following:
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  • Acknowledgement
    • You'll receive an e-mail confirmation when we receive your profile and when you apply to a position. We will call you if we have questions about your background or an interest in scheduling an interview.
  • Evaluation process
    • The interview process is just one consideration in determining if you are the best candidate for our open position. We complete background checks and all candidates who receive an offer of employment must successfully pass a drug test.

Scripps Core Competencies

These six core competencies are behaviors that all employees rely upon to be successful in their jobs and to make Scripps successful as an organization.

  • Mission-Focused
    • Demonstrate passion, courage and enthusiasm for the company's mission
    • Reflect the company's belief in service to the community
    • Nurture commitment to a common vision and core values
    • Place high value on ethics, integrity and respect for others
    • Put needs of the organization ahead of personal goals/agenda
  • Broad Discernment
    • See and maintain a long-term, realistic, big picture view
    • Balance short- and long-term needs of the company
    • Consider a broad range of issues and factors – despite ambiguity – when making decisions
    • Guide the company through transition and change
    • Recognize what creates economic value
  • Creativity
    • Navigate comfortably in an environment where outcomes are dependent upon factors that are unseen and intangible
    • Create and nurture a culture that holds ingenuity in high esteem
    • Operate in a manner that is courageous and ego-less when searching for the best ideas
    • Foster an environment that promotes entrepreneurship and prudent risk-taking
    • Inspire the organization to lead and act upon the ideas that advance the mission
  • Stewardship
    • Demonstrates a sense of ownership and responsibility for the continuation of the concern
    • Creates a culture that fosters personal investment and excellence
    • Turns ideas into value for the enterprise and its constituencies
    • Sets the direction that others will follow to achieve results
    • Elevates the talents and abilities of the direct reports/team members
    • Hires, develops and promotes individuals with skills that complement or exceed existing talents
  • Execution and Impact
    • Delivering consistently strong performance that colleagues can rely upon
    • Keeping the focus on great results rather than on process
    • Assigning clear authority and accountability
    • Inspiring others by example and with a thirst for excellence
    • Tackling problems directly and removing obstacles
    • Making difficult decisions with confidence
  • Communication
    • Listens well, instead of reacting immediately, in order to better understand
    • Communicates clearly, concisely and articulately in speech and writing
    • Treats people with respect independent of status or differing opinions
    • Maintains calm poise in stressful situations
    • Promotes an environment that embraces open and transparent communication
    • Encourages an environment of collaboration

See what
Scripps employees
have to say

Christin Erazo

Multimedia Journalist

"Working with Scripps has been such a positive experience because it's clear the company is invested in its employees. Scripps is forging ahead with innovative ways of repackaging news content to adapt to the ever-changing ways information is gathered and delivered to today's audiences. Scripps has proven its commitment to not only producing extraordinary news coverage, but to equipping its employees with the necessary tools to learn, grow and accomplish personal career goals."

Lawan Hamilton

Executive Producer

"Scripps is a company that invests in its people. The management of this company understands the value in developing you as part of the Scripps family as you grow. This is my third career path ranging from the U.S. Military, The Coca-Cola Company and now part of the Scripps team. While others have preached investment in their employees, I'm living proof that Scripps lives up to its word. My advice to anyone . . . Scripps will invest in you, if you invest in yourself."

Jennifer Teets

Information Security Analyst

"Scripps is a fantastic place to work. They provide employees with not only a contemporary workplace but also a progressive workplace; in both surroundings and benefits. I am fortunate to know and work with so many wonderfully talented people. It's the kind of place where the CEO knows your name. I am proud to call Scripps my second family."